Big Changes to CanExport Program

Just like all organizations, the government adapts its programs to suit the new reality of the pandemic.

Initially, CanExport program was designed to support export marketing costs of the Canadian small-to-medium-sized businesses. The program was primarily used to subsidize exhibiting at the international trade shows, international travel and marketing.

Now that the international travel and trade shows are no longer available, the government revised CanExport program guidelines to expand the list of eligible costs. Now a Canadian company pursuing international markets can apply for assistance to:

  • Gather market intelligence (custom research, reports and studies)
  • Apply for intellectual property protection in international markets
  • Apply for certification in international markets
  • Seek expert legal and business advice
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Translating, adapting or creating marketing materials
  • Attending virtual trade shows, networking functions, meetings or conferences

And the most recent changes announced on November 4th :

  • Export brokers in the agriculture and agri-food sector may be eligible to the program, provided they meet Canadian content requirements.
  • The maximum funding for online advertising activities has been increased to $50K per project. The program is now allowing online advertising on social media platforms, online marketplaces and search engines.
  • Expert advice for digital and e-commerce marketing is now eligible.

In the next few days the government will clarify the definition of the Canadian content and a few other recent changes.

Do you qualify for CanExport or other government funding programs?

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