Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit

Amount: $15,000

Apprenticeships provide businesses with an opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage in certain skilled Trades by getting expense relief from the government in the wages of training new hires. Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit provides for small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario for refundable expenditures up to 36 months of qualified skill training per Trainee of $15,000.

Eligibility Criteria: Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit

  • Be a for-profit company;
  • Have permanent establishments in Ontario
  • Pay Ontario income tax
  • Incur eligible expenses in training apprentices in certain skilled trades.
  • Be willing to hire and train a registered apprentice. There are over 150 skilled trades in Ontario in four sectors: construction, industrial/manufacturing, motive power, and service. Over 120 of these trades are currently eligible for the tax credit.

Eligible Cost: Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit

  • Salary & Wages
    • 25 % of eligible expenditures for up to 36 months
    • 30 % of eligible expenditures for Small Businesses

Our Focus

  • Preparing all documents (securing qualified apprenticeship registration, paperwork, and training plan)
  • Assisting in writing Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit application package
  • Assisting in report writing where required