Applying for funding yourself? How to save time

Save timeHave you ever applied for government funding yourself? Do you plan to? Following multiple requests from our clients that write applications themselves, we recently launched new services. You don’t need to engage us in the whole funding application writing process. That’s great as it could save you some money. Just choose what matters to you.

1. Writing Selected Documentation for Your Application Package

Engage us in writing one or several pieces of supporting documentation. Examples include but are not limited to Funding Request, Business Plan, Project Plan, Project Return On Investment and other financial calculations, Project Proposal, Project Feasibility Study etc.

Instead of torturing yourself for 12 to 60 hours, get our help and get the documents written quickly and professionally. Focus your precious time on your core business activities instead.

2. Editing and Enhancing Your Application Package

If you need a second opinion on your application or get lots of questions from government funding administrators after the application is submitted, make sure you contact us. We’ll go through your application, apply 10 steps quality assurance methodology, check the information and its relevance to the funding programs’ objectives, add valuable points to increase your application’s score and likelihood of approval.
3. Report Writing after Your Application is Approved
If the application you’ve written has been approved you now have to file regular reports to the government. Save yourself from 1 to 15 hours to write those reports.

Contact us right now to proceed and get help. Hourly rates apply to these new services.

Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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You get government financing or our writing is complimentary! 
P.S. Writing all the application package by yourself can cause a headache. Getting help from professional business and technical writers makes your life much easier and increase the likelihood of success for your application for government funding. Contact us now to get this help or forward this message to those who may need help.