[And the Winner Is…] Job Grant is in Ontario!

Dear Ontario business owners,


We’ve got so many inquiries from our clients since we informed you last Friday about the recent launch of Canada Job Grant in Ontario.

Special thanks and congratulations to Werner Amsler from Amsler Equipment Inc. (Richmond Hill, ON) for replying first to our promotion. Mr. Amsler got a chance to get Canda Job Grant for his business and enjoy free grant writing services from us. Our congratulations again!

So, you asked us many questions since last Friday (when the Job Grant was launched in Ontario) and we’ll try to answer all of them in the upcoming emails.

Meanwhile let me remind you that Canada Job Grant is a non-repayable contribution available across Canada for businesses and covers 67% of skills training cost. The company can apply for a grant to train its existing employees or the candidates it is about to hire.

Learn more about Job Grant at http://fairgrantwriting.ca/canada-job-grant-2014/.

As Canada’s Minister of Employment and Social Development Kenney said “The Canada Job Grant is part of our commitment to address the paradox of too many Canadians without jobs in an economy of too many jobs without Canadians. With employers’ skin in the game, the Canada Job Grant will lead to a guaranteed job. Helping employers train Canadians for jobs that need to be filled will help their businesses grow and succeed.”

To get started and apply for the Job Grant…

  • Think about skills training needs for your business
  • Give me a call at 647-535-2970 to discuss them and confirm the eligibility.


Igor Chigrin
Business Funding Expert
647.535.2970 cell | 647.800.5006 office