AgriMarketing Program

Amount: $50,000 per year

The AgriMarketing Program helps farmers and food processors compete in markets at home and abroad. It supports the agriculture industry by creating and maintaining access to markets and taking advantage of market opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria: AgriMarketing Program

  • Small to medium-sized Canadian for-profit producers and processors operating in the agriculture, agri-food, and fish and seafood sectors;
  • Must have fewer than 250 employees;
  • Must have fewer than $50 million in annual sales;
  • Must have completed market research, and be export and market ready.

Eligible Cost: AgriMarketing Program

  • company-specific marketing and advertising related to the export activities
  • food service promotions and product demonstrations for buyers and consumers
  • trade seminars to provide information on specific attributes of your products
  • incoming and outgoing missions
  • technical training for buyers about products and product handling
  • market development strategies
  • in-market expertise
  • Contracted services
    • Consultant fees as billed to the small and medium-sized enterprise, including communication, project management or to provide other professional services (domestic and locally-engaged on site)
    • Professional, interpretation and translation services
    • Employment of part-time contractors to help in implementing specific promotional activities at point-of-sale or display sites
    • Seminars and costs to provide technical training to buyers, including room rentals, audio-visual equipment rentals
  • Travel
    • Transportation
    • Accommodations
    • Meals
    • Incidentals (for example phone, laundry, and insurance)
  • Capital/Assets
    • Costs related to trade show displays only
  • Other direct project costs
    • Shipping
    • Printing
    • Costs related to production of materials/documents

Our Focus

  • Writing application package for AgriMarketing Program
  • Assisting in application submission
  • Assisting in report writing

Examples of Projects Approved by AgriMarketing Program

AgriMarketingBio-K Plus International Inc. was approved for up to $50,000 by AgriMarketing program to reach new markets in the United States for their probiotic capsules and beverages. This project aims to raise consumers’ awareness about the health benefits of probiotic products, and increase Bio-K Plus exports to the United States. With well-targeted promotional activities such as product demonstrations and trade show exhibits, the company hopes to increase demand for their products in all regions of the United States. (Source).