Advanced Manufacturing Fund for NFPs (Temporary Unavailable)

This program is temporarily unavailable.

Amount: $10,000,000 – $20,000,000, greater or lower amounts are subject to the approval

Eligibility Criteria

  • Not-for-profit organizations (e.g., research institutions, centres of excellence, or post-secondary institutions) located in Ontario. Not-for-profit organizations require collaboration with an anchor firm and must demonstrate a significant benefit to the manufacturing sector.
  • An anchor firm is a manufacturing firm committed to maximizing the potential of the project’s innovation(s) internally and throughout its supply chain and the regional economy. It should demonstrate:
    • Market leadership;
    • Sufficient scale to facilitate collaboration across its supply chain and the regional economy, including with companies,post-secondary institutions, research organizations, and/or industry-relevant academia; and
    • Capacity to draw upon existing resources in order to: facilitate collaboration, support skills development and training, and ensure that the project contributes to spillovers and lasting economic benefits.

Cost Covered

  • Activities related to
    • Prototyping
    • Demonstration projects
    • Advanced product testing
    • Applied research leading to a practical application
  • Work undertaken to achieve technological advancement through the creation/improvement of existing materials, devices, products or processes
  • The adoption or adaptation of highly innovative products, technologies or processes that support product or process innovation.
    • Products (e.g. machinery and equipment)
    • Technologies (e.g., hardware, software)
    • Processes