Grants for March 2017

Budget 2017. What’s in it for you?

Last week the Federal Government announced the budget for the upcoming fiscal year starting April 1, 2017. From the government funding perspective the budget is focused on three key areas: youth, skills, and innovation. Below you’ll find the main announcements in those key areas that we’ve highlighted for you.

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[Audio Interview] ERP, Job Estimating & Job Information Management

With this message, we’re opening our Manufacturing Excellence Series of interviews with the subject matter experts that will cover various interesting topics for manufacturers.

In today’s issue, Igor Chigrin will interview Shawn Coultice from Shoptech Industrial Software. We will talk about job estimating and job information management. Also, we will try to demystify enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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How to Avoid a Job Estimating Disaster and Manage the Jobs So They’re Actually Done On Time?

March 10, 2017

This is Igor Chigrin, a Business Funding Expert from Fair Grant Writing, a Canadian grant writing company. We help businesses grow and solve their most pressing challenges by unlocking their access to the government funding.

Today, we’ll discuss how to avoid a disaster in job estimating and job information management and demystify enterprise resource planning ERP.

As you may know, ERP helps businesses manage the workflow, resources and work efficiently and by the way, there are Canadian government grants that pay for ERP systems and ERP training.

So today, I am excited to have Shawn Coultice, a Branch Manager from Shoptech Industrial Software on this call. Hi Shawn, thank you for coming.

or continue reading the transcript or watch the video below.

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[Save the dates] March 9 – SMART Green Event, March 23 – Aerospace Event

Today March 8th is the International Women’s Day! Let’s congratulate all the women we work, collaborate, spend life with by saying some kind words to them.

Now let’s go to the upcoming events.
Tomorrow, March 09 you’re invited to the SMART Green Event for manufacturers that will be held in Markham (the GTA) from 8.30 to 10.30 to learn more about the SMART Green Program Funding.

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[Deadline] March 31 is the Deadline for Some Funding Programs

I just wanted to remind you that March 31, 2017 is the deadline for some funding programs you or your friends, clients or partners may be interested in. Please read carefully the information about the programs below and let us know if you would like to apply. We still have time to write your applications. But you need to act quickly!

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