Grants for June 2016

[Gift for You] on My Son’s 1st Anniversary

As you may have noticed, I was out of touch last week as I was preparing to something special in my family. My second boy turns 1 tomorrow! It’s unbelievable how time flies. He was just recently born and now he already walks and is very curious about the keyboard while I am typing this message.

3 Good Reasons to Apply for Funding in the Summer

Now... laterAs the summer time is finally here, I guess you, as many other people, plan to spend some time off to relax and recharge. We too will take a couple of days off here and there throughout the summer.

[Good News] New Subsidies to Hire Graduates

good newsThis week I have more good news for you regarding hiring new employees. Several government funding programs were opened to help Canadian businesses hire graduates. These industry specific age subsidies pay up to $20,000.

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TalentEdge Internship Program

Amount: $10,000 per each internship

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