Grants for February 2015

[Business Trends] 3D Printers & Government Programs to Help You Bring Them In

In the last couple of years the term 3D printing has become more known and the technology has reached a broader public. Still most people haven’t even heard of the term, while the technology has been in use for decades.

Especially manufacturers have long used these printers in their design process to create prototypes for traditional manufacturing and research purposes. Using 3D printers for these purposes is called rapid prototyping.

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[Most Common Cases] Best Time To Apply For Government Funding

I am frequently asked by business people, “What is the best time to apply for Government funding?”

Here are most common cases when you should consider business grants & loans: Get Started

[Business Trends 2] Lean Manufacturing: grants, training, conference…

Probably you heard a lot about lean manufacturing and may be you already use it in your business. That’s good because lean manufacturing means a business model and collection of tactical methods that emphasize eliminating non-value added activities (waste) while delivering quality products on time at least cost with greater efficiency. Get Started

[Professional Advice] Keep track of your grant applications

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with one of our clients. Their application was rejected without any explanation. In such cases it’s absolutely necessary to ask Government reps to explain the reasons.

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