10 Years in Business

These days are very special for Fair Grant Writing. Exactly 10 years ago, on October 25, 2012, we signed our first grant writing service agreement with our first client.

At the time, there was no corporation, no team, and no experience. But we saw a good untapped opportunity and grabbed it. We are grateful to those first clients who trusted in us then.

Fast forward 10 years and over 765 grant applications and business plans written for our clients in manufacturing, technology and agri-food sectors, we feel very proud, especially for our clients, mostly independent and family-owned businesses. They secured hundreds of millions of dollars to support their growth and the creation of jobs in their communities.

Many things have changed over those years: governments, programs, and the economy. Large firms acquired our competitors. However, our commitment to helping our clients unlock their access to government funding hasn’t changed.

Many more years to come!

10th anniversary