AIME Initiative (Yves Landry Foundation – YLF)

Amount: $100,000

The Yves Landry Foundation has established the AIME (Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence) Global initiative, offering manufacturers in south, central and eastern Ontario up to $100,000 to offset the costs of training expenses related to supporting innovation and achieving a competitive advantage.

Eligibility Criteria: AIME Initiative (Yves Landry Foundation – YLF)

  • Must employ between 10 and 1000 employees;
  • Must be continuously in business in Southern Ontario for at least 3 years;
  • Must be able to demonstrate a solid financial footing over the three year period;
  • Manufacturing facility or facilities located in Southern Ontario;
  • Manufacture a specific product for sale in Ontario or anywhere else.

Eligible Training: AIME Initiative (Yves Landry Foundation – YLF)

  • Training that will support the adaptation of new technology, new processes or procedures or a change within the company to support innovation. This objective must clearly be linked to innovations leading to global competitiveness including expanding into new domestic or international markets.
  • Training that will support and develop Highly Skilled Personnel in any area that leads to innovation. This can include the development of new engineering skills, training in the use of new software, hardware or other tools necessary to support innovation; retraining to embrace new technologies, new manufacturing methods, or any other business area that will make a Southern Ontario manufacturing company more competitive in the global marketplace

AIME Initiative (Yves Landry Foundation - YLF)Eligible Cost: AIME Initiative (Yves Landry Foundation – YLF)

  • Trainers’ fees, both external and/or internal trainer(s) are eligible
  • Salaries of the trainees while on training
  • Facility cost
  • Training Materials, Rentals, and Equipment
  • Food and Refreshments
  • Travel, meals, and accommodation costs of a 3rd party trainer, as well as employees traveling off-site
  • Sub-Contractors and Consultants

Our Focus

  • Writing Preliminary Application for AIME Initiative (Yves Landry Foundation)
  • Writing Main Application for YLF – AIME Program
  • Assisting in the Application Submission
  • Assisting in Report Writing

Examples of Projects Funded by AIME Initiative – Yves Landry Foundation – YLF