[Update] What’s New In Canada Ontario Job Grant?

Hope you enjoyed the Canada Day holiday yesterday as I did with my family. By the way, a week ago I became a father for the second time 🙂

Now it’s time to return to work. And today I’d like to let you know about some changes to the application process for the Canada Ontario Job Grant (the funding that compensates up to 5/6 of your employees training cost).

So, what’s been changed recently is that the Government made changes into the review process. Now every time someone applies for the funding, the reviewers categorize applications by tiers.
Tier 1 represents applications for such a training, lack of which puts an employee at the risk of a layoff.
Tier 2 represents applications for training of new and incumbent employees, who are not at risk of layoff, or those who have received the funding already.
Tier 3 represents applications for training mandated by the legislation, regulation or policy.
Do consider the Canada Ontario Job Grant for your business. As for us, we’re ready to provide you with more information and necessary help. Puzzled which Tier your training falls under?
Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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