Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario (TMINO)

Amount: up to 15,000 per assessment, and 33% of eligible capital costs and up to 50% of eligible non-capital costs, repayable

FedNor is committed to supporting Northern Ontario’s economy by encouraging businesses to become more innovative, productive and competitive. Through its Northern Ontario Development Program, FedNor can help existing Northern Ontario manufacturers upgrade and improve capital equipment used in manufacturing processes, including information and communications technology, to improve their competitiveness and productivity.

Eligibility Criteria: Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario (TMINO)

  • Established manufacturers (firms currently operating, whose primary line of business is the manufacture of a commercial product)
  • Location in Northern Ontario;
  • 500 or fewer employees;
  • Growth orientation.

Eligible Cost: Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario (TMINO)

Operational assessments by qualified experts to identify where potential operational efficiencies could be achieved. Assessments can focus on areas such as:

  • productivity;
  • process flow;
  • quality (for example, ISO Certification);
  • waste reduction;
  • environmental impact (various green certifications);
  • energy efficiency (production level);
  • information systems;
  • lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Six Sigma, 5S principles;
  • human resources / organizational analysis;
  • management systems;
  • market analysis (aiming to expand existing or into new markets); and
  • Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) readiness

Improving and modernizing the manufacturing process, leading to increased productivity and competitiveness:

  • plant equipment purchases, including digital hardware and software that are a direct part of the manufacturing process;
  • installation and commissioning of new equipment;
  • training on the use of new equipment;
  • implementation of recommendations from an Operational Assessment, such as lean manufacturing, ISO certification, quality controls, information and communications technology or other operational and managerial improvements;
  • modernizing the production facility through upgrades to existing production equipment (e.g., automation, robotics, ancillary systems).

Our Focus:

  • Writing Application Package for the Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario
  • Profitability analysis of the proposed project
  • Preparing project financial calculations
  • Assisting in report writing once TMINO application is approved

Examples of Projects Funded by Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario (TMINO)

Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario (TMINO)The development of the industrial park in the east end of Timmins has helped land the construction of Calabrian Corporation’s $20 million Sulphur dioxide plant creating 20 new, high-quality jobs. The new industrial park has attracted interest as well from a Chinese basalt mining company.

The Bucket Shop is receiving $1 million toward the construction of its new 65,000-square-foot manufacturing and refurbishment facility. The investment is provided under the FedNor Targeted Manufacturing initiative for Northern Ontario (TMINO). Source