CanExport Program

Amount: $99,999

Objective of CanExport Program

Funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and delivered by National Research Council (NRC) CanExport Program provides non-repayable government funding to Canadian small to medium-sized businesses for the purpose of export business development, and reimburses 50% of selected export development cost to a maximum of $99,999. Export development costs include, without limitation, trade show and trade mission cost, translation cost, cost of shipping samples, export market research and business planning and more.

Eligibility Criteria: CanExport Program

  • Must be a for-profit company located anywhere in Canada;
  • Must be an incorporated legal entity or a limited liability partnership (LLP);
  • Must have a 9-digit Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number;
  • Must employ between 1 and 250 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees;
  • Must have between $200,000 and 50 million in annual revenue declared in Canada;
  • Must target export market where the applicant hasn’t exported for the last 24 months;
  • Minimum export business development project cost must be $20,000;
  • Agriculture and processed food, fish and seafood, and wine, beer, and spirits sectors are NOT eligible for CanExport Program but can apply for AgriMarketing program.

Eligible Cost under CanExport Program

  • Travel cost for up to 2 employees, including
    • Return economy airfare, and/or ground transportation, if applicable, including taxi or car rental
    • Per diem capped at $400 per employee per day of travel (includes meals and accommodation)
    • Visa fees, if applicable
  • Trade shows and trade mission fees, including
    • Cost of registration
    • Trade show floor or space rent
    • Booth equipment expenses
    • Equipment rental
  • Shipping samples
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Design, adaptation, and printing of marketing materials
  • One time legal fees related to overcoming export market entry barriers
  • Matchmaking and pre-arranging meetings with potential clients and distributors
  • Target market research and entry planning
  • Tax and legal advice regarding the target market

Our Focus

  • Identification of Target Export Market, Export Market Research and Entry Planning (through a sister company Win Global Partners)
  • Writing Application Package for CanExport Program;
  • Writing Reports to Global Affairs Canada and National Research Council, mandatory for small to medium-sized businesses approved for CanExport Program.

Examples of Approved Projects Funded by Global Affairs Canada through CanExport Program

CanExport Program1. 4Deep. 4Deep in-water imaging has patented holographic technology to create powerful microscopes that enhance research and discovery. With the support of CanExport, the company is marketing and promoting their submersible microscope system in India to monitor water quality in lakes, rivers, and oceans. (Source)

2. KORITE. KORITE is the world’s largest producer of gem-grade ammolite. The company’s mine is currently the world’s only legally known operating source of mined ammolite. In addition to mining the gem, the company’s sales, design, and production division sells fine jewelry around the world in more than 28 countries. KORITE ‘s initial market assessment found a potential for expansion in the China market. With the support of CanExport, they are looking to increase market awareness in the China market, specifically through strategic partnerships initiatives and industry trade shows. They have already successfully partnered with Mahasida Ammolite Jewelry to ensure the distribution of finished KORITE jewelry in China and further development of innovative product technology resources in the China market. (Source)

Reimbursement Rules of CanExport Program

The funding approved by CanExport Program is disbursed to the applicant upon submission and approval of the claims that must be submitted either after the project completion or after March 31 of every year predeceasing the project end date, whichever comes first.