[2015 Grants Catalog] Gift Season Continues!

Dear Friends,

 Thank you for your participation in our campaign ‘Refer a Friend. Get a Gift Card’: for referring  your clients, partners, suppliers to Fair Grant Writing and getting $100 gift cards of your choice.

Today one more lucky person and his friend got their gifts. And that’s great!

Just let me remind you that offer will expire on January 31, 2015. And you still have 10 days to recommend Fair Grant writing to your friends and get a $100 gift card of your choice from us. Your referred friend will get a $50 gift card too as soon as they sign up for the service.

You may ask us what you can do to recommend Fair Grant Writing. It’s VERY easy. It wont’ take you more than 2 minutes.

1.  Download the new 2015 Grants Catalog.

2. Send it to your friends with a short message:

“Hi, I’ve just got a new 2015 Grants Catalog from a grant writing firm – Fair Grant Writing, whose subscriber I am. I thought you may find the information inside this catalog useful for your business. So, I decided to forward it to you. If you have any questions regarding Government programs for your business projects, just give them a call. You’ll find all contact information inside.”

You can also do it other ways. It’s completely up to you. So, don’t hesitate. Let other GOOD people find out about great funding opportunities for their businesses.

Always yours,

Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
Fair Grant Writing
647.800.5006 office | 647.535.2970 cell

P.S. Anyway, I recommend to download the 2015 grants Catalog and look through it paying special attention to the New Grants Section on page 6. There you’ll find some new programs like Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund launched just in January 2015.