Your Canada Day Gift Enclosed!

I am very excited about the anniversary of our great country. Our goal is to help Canadian businesses grow and prosper so that our kids can enjoy living in Canada as we do today.

So, we are giving away the gift certificates valid until July 15, 2017. They allow you to get $158 OFF any new projects with Fair Grant Writing.
This email is, in fact, a certificate, and anyone who presents it to us gets the discount. This certificate is transferable, so do share it with your friends, clients, partners or suppliers.
You may wonder whether $158 is a typo. No, it is not: $150 stands for Canada’s Anniversary, and $8 stands for the number of years I live in this beautiful country.
To get started, check your eligibility for the government funding or simply respond to this email. Pay attention to our new solutions to help Canadian businesses grow.

Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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