Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative (SADI)

Amount: $10,000,000

The Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative (SADI) was launched in 2007 with the objective to encourage strategic R&D that will result in innovation and excellence in new or improved products, services, and processes. Additionally, it strives to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian Aerospace and Defense while fostering collaboration between research institutes, universities, colleges, and the private sector. It does this by providing repayable contributions to support R&D projects in the aerospace, space, defense and security sectors. SADI is available to firms of all sizes to support product, service, or process innovation.

Eligibility Criteria: Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative (SADI)

  • For-profit corporation (small, medium or large-sized)
  • Incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada and carrying on business in Canada.
  • At least 1% of total eligible project costs must be allocated to post secondary education institutions in Canada

Eligible Costs: Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative (SADI)

  • The project must involve one or more R&D activities in Canada that:
    a) support the development of next-generation A&D-related products, services or
    b) build on Canadian strengths in A&D technology development;
    c) enable Canadian companies to participate in major platforms and supply chains; or
    d) assist the sector in achieving Canada’s international obligations.
  • The project must comprise either industrial research or pre-competitive

    • Industrial research means planned research or critical investigation aimed at
      discovery of new knowledge, with the objective that such knowledge may be
      useful in developing new products, processes or services, or in bringing about a
      significant improvement to existing products, processes or services.
    • Pre-competitive development means the translation of industrial research
      findings into a plan, blueprint or design for new, modified or improved products,
      processes or services whether intended for sale or use, including the creation of
      a first prototype. It may further include the conceptual formulation and design of
      products, processes or services and of initial demonstration or pilot projects.

      • Pre-competitive development does not include:
      • initial demonstration or pilot projects if these are used for industrial
        application or commercial exploitation; or
      • routine or periodic alterations to existing products, production lines,
        manufacturing processes, services, and other on-going operations even
        though these alterations may represent improvements.
  • Activities can be anywhere along the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1-9 scale.
    See the annex for a description of the TRL scale.
  • SADI support must be essential to the location, scope, and/or timing of the project.

Our Focus:

  • Submit SADI application form for initial screening
  • Facilitate possible site visits by Industrial Technologies Office officials and third-party technical and market experts if required
  • Submit financial claims for reimbursement during the R&D phase
  • Provide a yearly report on progress

Examples of the Projects Approved by Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative (SADI):

Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative (SADI)UrtheCast Corp. (TSX:UR) (“UrtheCast” or the “Company”) today announces that it will receive approximately $17.6 million in funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Industrial Technologies Office as part of its Strategic Aerospace & Defense Initiative (SADI) program. This funding will provide significant financial support for the ongoing development of UrtheCast’s planned constellation of Earth Observation satellites, known as the OptiSARTM Constellation. (Source)