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I was sitting with a client the other day and we were going through the application. At some point when we went through the section of the funding application that talks about skills, the client told me: “By the way, we have an employee who is illiterate.”

I acknowledged it and we went forward with the review. But then later on the thought about that illiterate worker started to follow me. I realized how difficult the life is for people who can’t even spell their names, or read the street sign to identify where they are, or get how much groceries cost.

Being raised in a highly educated family (both parents are doctors) and having two degrees, this is natural for me to read and write in a couple of languages. And the life of people who are illiterate in our society in our city appeared to me as a disaster.

Then I asked myself if  I want to keep my eyes closed or I want to do something about it. And I found something I can do. Canada Ontario Job Grant pays up to 5/6 of basic skills trainings, including literacy. From now Fair Grant Writing writes applications for funding literacy courses free of charge.

Employers will only have to contribute “two cents”, or 1/ 6 of the cost of the training.  If you have illiterate workers or know someone who has, let me know and we will do that little thing that may transform someone’s life.


Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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