Happy Canada Day and Gift from Feds!

Happy Canada Day! It’s a day when I realize how grateful I am for the chance to now live in this great country and all the opportunities it offers. This year, the holiday is overshadowed, and I stand with those who chose not to celebrate. At the very least, I hope everyone will enjoy the outdoors and meet friends and family.

Here is a gift for you. Last night the Senate (on its last business day before summer break) finally passed the Federal budget bill. It means that the new government funding programs proposed back in April will soon be open for applications. We expect them in August or September, 2021.

Among the new programs are the government grant for the aerospace sector, national funding to help adopt hardware and software, continuation of the emergency subsidies and more.

Fill out the Eligibility Check form proactively at http://www.fgwinc.ca/eligibility, and we will contact you when the details of the above programs are announced.