For Canada Job Grant Applicants

You strive to increase productivity and capabilities of your employees.  Special skilled workers are HIGHLY demanded for your business! And you try to address these skills deficit of your exiting staff and new employees. You’re ready to train them. But it costs much money!

Plus, you have other business needs that require financing regularly. And you don’t have lots of so demanded funding sources. They are limited as for many other business owners!!

We’ve got a solution for you!

Apply for Canada Job Grant with the Assistance of experienced copywriters and …

… get up to $10,000 per trainee for training needs NOW no matter where your business is registered in Canada, what your industry is and how big your business is!
… get skills, capabilities and performance necessary for YOUR businesses NOW!
… increase retention in workplace and your employees’ productivity NOW!
… meet YOUR business goals and objectives to earn more money for your business NOW!
… Save valuable, precious and scarce time of yours or your colleagues
… Significantly increase chances of application approval
… Relieve from the burden of paperwork (application, reports)

Check eligibility for Canada Job Grant Now + Get recommendations of other Government programs for your business needs. (форма с опцией получить инфо по др грантам)


Who we are?

Fair Grant Writing is Ontario-based grant writing company of business funding experts and grant writers who help Canadian businesses like yours get Government financing for various business needs.We are are recognized by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and featured on The Funding Portal.
Thanks to our experience with all major government programs, a high success rate of applications prepared by Fair Grant Writing, our proven streamlined & confidential data collection process, support of  our clients’ applications to the end of projects, dozens of Canadian businesses have been getting financing from the Government and using it for their business needs.
Just read some testimonials of our clients:


So, how it works

1. You fill out Eligibility Check form below.
2. We check your eligibility and give you recommendations of other Government programs for your business needs for FREE.
3. We collect the information (once signed a confidentiality agreement with you), prepare and submit the application package on your behalf.
4. You get free Government money in your bank account.

No_risk_guranteeYou pay nothing if an application prepared by us is not approved.*  That’s fair!

*(what is very-very rare).

What else our clients say about that:

Check Eligibility Now + Get recommendations of other Government programs for your business needs for FREE.

You A First-Time Client?
You’ve Got Bonuses!

We prepared some bonuses for Fair Grant Writing first-time job grant clients:

… (что-нибудь из книги по грантрайтингу, каталог с грантами, стилус)

So, you have a choice:

You can leave everything as it is and see others getting government money for their businesses and developing their own businesses, getting orders, increasing their personal income.

You can start doing by yourself, encounter many problems, waste lots of valuable time of yours and your employees without achieving your goals.


You can take advantage of time-tested processes, techniques, instruments and achieve your sales and profits goals with getting money by the shortest way with the least losses and the biggest results.