Financing for Innovators

Fair Grant Writing has recently partnered with Easly, a leader in Grant and SR&ED Financing, to help innovative businesses of all sizes access funding to propel their companies, industries and country forward.

With our expertise in winning grants for Canadian SMEs and Easly’s streamlined Capital-as-a-Service platform, your business can access growth capital on a schedule that suits your needs.


About Easly

Easly is Canada’s leader in SR&ED Tax Credit & Grant Financing. Since 2019, the company has deployed over $100 million in Easly Advances to more than 200 Canadian companies. Easly’s non-dilutive financing provides companies with early access to capital while retaining 100% of their equity.

Easly Advances

  • Founder-friendly terms that are cash-flow positive to your business (no monthly payments)
  • Streamlined application process that gets you funded within two weeks
  • Funding based on accrual – so you can keep accessing funds throughout the year while you accrue more ITCs
  • First-time SR&ED filers accepted

Together with Easly, we help businesses access growth capital through:

  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Advances
    • ITCs, such as SR&ED, accrue year-round as you spend on eligible work. Access those ITC refunds in-year.
  • Government Grant Advances
    • Grant disbursements are paid at set time intervals or when milestones are reached. Access those disbursements months sooner.

Get started

Fill out the form following the link below to get started. One of Easly’s lending specialists will get in touch soon to discuss your grant and SR&ED financing options.


Fair Grant Writing and Easly