Facing Skills Shortage? Here’s What The Government Offers

Lack of availability of the skilled and qualified labour was among top business challenges identified by the CME (Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters) in a recent study. There is obviously no single way to overcome that challenge but both federal and provincial governments have several programs to assist with finding the right employee or training the one with right attitudes. Please make sure you take notice of the following programs:

Youth Job Link is a free matching service offered by employment agencies funded by the provincial government. Request the appointment with an employment agency close to your place and keep sending up-to-date job ads and description to the agency of your choice.
Youth Job Connection program provides funding to compensate your efforts to train the qualified new hire to work the way you want one to work. This program also works through the local employment agencies. Keep in mind, eligible new hires must be between 15 and 29 years old.
Apprenticeship Tax Credit program helps you subsidize apprentices’ salaries if you hire registered apprentices to train them further in their craft.
There are other funding programs for hiring youth. Contact us now and we will point you to the right direction. 

Igor Chigrin

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P.S. Stay tuned as we will talk about federal funding programs for hiring next time.