Canadian Agricultural Partnership – CAP

Amount: $350,000 (Limited Intake Deadlines)

Next Intake: Early 2021

Eligibility Criteria of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Grant

Intake is currently open to food and beverage manufacturers.

Eligible Activities:

  • Audits, Assessments, and Training
  • Enhancing Plant Health
  • Food Safety for your Business
  • Improving Productivity
  • Enhancing Animal Health
  • Expanding Your Markets
  • Growing Your Business

Established and new Ontario farm businesses can apply for cost-share under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding assistance program. The farm businesses must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Produce agricultural commodities in Ontario
  • File business and/or farm income/loss taxes in Ontario
  • Have a Premises Identification Number for the farm property where the proposed Capacity Building activity applies, and
  • Have a valid Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN) or equivalent

New producers that meet the following criteria are also eligible for Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding assistance. New producers are those that:

  • Are new entrants to the agricultural production industry and have business projections that demonstrate potential annual gross business income of $7,000 or more within three years of applying; and proof of ownership or control of productive agricultural assets to generate farm income
  • File personal income taxes in Ontario
  • Have not filed taxes as a farm business in the two years previous to applying for Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding, and
  • Have a Premises Identification Number for the farm property where the proposed Capacity Building activity applies

Farm businesses can also be members of a collaborative enterprise such as a corporation or partnership and apply under the organizations and collaborations stream of Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP). Licensed cannabis farms are eligible for the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)

Food & beverage manufacturers, including breweries and distilleries, may be eligible for Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) stream for processors.

Eligible processors are businesses that:

  • are currently actively engaged and directly involved in the processing, modification, and/or transformation of agricultural commodities, food, beverage or agricultural based bioproducts in Ontario;
  • file business and/or farm income/loss taxes in Ontario; and
  • have a Premises Identification Number.

Eligible new food and agri-product processors:

  • are new entrants to the food and agri-product processing industry and have business projections that demonstrate potential annual gross business income of $30,000 or more within 3 years of applying;
  • file personal income taxes in Ontario;
  • have not filed taxes as a food or agri-product processing business in the two years previous to applying for Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding; and
  • have a *Premises Identification Number (if processing facility is established).

First nation businesses that meet the above criteria are eligible.

Note: A Premises Identification Number is a unique identifying number assigned to a parcel of land that is associated with agri-food activities. In Ontario, premises are identified and registered in the Provincial Premises Registry. Applying for a Premises Identification Number is easy and free. To register with the Provincial Premises Registry visit:

Eligible Cost: Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)

Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) covers a portion of capital, labour and contractor cost of the following types of projects.

  • Purchasing or upgrade of equipment to improve productivity
  • ERP or Supply Chain Management software implementation
  • Food safety and traceability systems implementation
  • Marketing agri-food product in Canada and abroad
  • New product development
  • Trainings, business assessments and more.