Are SR&ED & Customs Duty Refund programs right for you?

You’ve known us for some time as a professional grant writing team but I wanted to make sure you take full advantage of other types of government assistance, such as tax credits and customs duty refund programs.

SR&ED Tax Credit is by far the most popular Canadian government funding program that pays a portion of your labour, material and other expenses incurred for a product or process design, development or improvement. Your business must be a Canadian corporation and experience uncertainties that you overcome to develop or improve the product or process. We’ve teamed up with experienced SR&ED writers to be able to offer SR&ED service to our clients. Learn more about SR&ED Tax Credit and determine your eligibility here.

Customs Duty Drawback is the customs duty refund program. In case if you imported goods and paid customs duty at the Canadian border, and then exported goods made of those imported parts or materials, you may qualify for a refund of the duty. Some conditions apply. Learn more about Customs Duty Drawback and determine your eligibility here.

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