Grants for September 2016

[News on SR&ED] Pre-Claim Review and more…

On Wednesday I attended a¬ presentation on SR&ED Tax Credit¬ organized by Ryerson. They provided attendees with really good information, so I decided to share it with you.
The news on¬ SR&ED program¬ for me was that CRA will soon offer pre-claim review services that will allow applicants to validate their R&D projects prior to the submission of the claim what is very good.

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Saving Energy, Gas or Water? Get Rebates!

water-moneyYesterday I attended the City of Toronto event for industrial water users. The officials announced city’s water savings programs and also referred to similar programs in other municipalities.

If you heavily use water in your business but make an effort to decrease the amount of water consumption, conserve water or keep the water out of sewer, the city can either cut your water rate by 30% or make a rebate proportionate to the conserved amount of water.

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[New Catalog] Current & Upcoming Government Funding Programs

catalog16I won’t be long today. Just decided to provide¬†you with¬†a last version of the Government Funding Catalog¬†with current and upcoming programs and their details. Just fill the form in on your right and get it within a minute.

Once you get the catalog, please read and discuss it with your colleagues as you can use some of the funding for your upcoming projects.

Here are some possible projects you can get government funding for:

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