Grants for March 2015

[Just Announced] New Funding for Exporters

It was brought to our attention that Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) no longer accepts applications for grants for trade shows, trade missions and export market research. Some our clients were impacted and no explanation from OCC followed. Get Started

Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED)

Amount: Up to $3,000,000

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go Green with the Government Funding!

¬†Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy this holiday and go green!
Today it’s a very good opportunity to talk about green Government programs for Ontario businesses.¬†The most popular one is Save on Energy.

It includes incentives for:

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10 Most Common Reasons Why Government Grant Applications Are Declined

I’ve recently read a¬†research¬†article called “To Apply or Not to Apply: A Survey Analysis of Grant Writing Costs and Benefits” by Ted and Courtney von Hippel.¬†The¬†authors took¬†scientific approach to find out how much effort¬†it takes to write government grant application and how to maximize chances of success. Being inspired by this research I wanted to share the list of 10 most common reasons why government grant applications are declined. This list is based on our experience writing applications for government grants for businesses in Ontario, Canada. Get Started

Avoid This Mistake if You Want to Apply for Government Funding

I constantly come across growing businesses. They hire new people, adopt advanced technologies and equipment, invest in their communities and do good for the country. But sometimes it happens that the growth becomes limited by the existing business entity.

For example, if one is in the business of making bricks and decides to enter the business of making flooring, the one may decide to establish a new business entity to keep the existing business out of the risks of a new one. That makes perfect business sense.

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International Women’s Day! Let’s Congratulate Women!

  My today`s message won`t be long. I`m writing to you today to  congratulate all the women who I work, collaborate, spend my life with.

Join me and say some¬†kind words to your colleagues, friends, beloved ¬†ones!¬
¬†March 8th is an International Women’s Day! This holiday is not popular in North America, but in Russia where I`m from it`s a statutory holiday. And men give women gifts, flowers that day!

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