Grants for December 2014

Happy Holidays For All Of Us!

Dear Friends,
It’s Christmas eve!¬†¬

This time of the year we don’t want to talk about business. And that’s right!¬

Our family, our personal life is in the first place for many of us. So,¬†let’s enjoy this time¬†with our friends and family!¬
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I wish you  and your loved ones abundant peace and prosperity in 2015

Igor Chigrin
Business Funding Expert
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P.S.¬†If you still would like to talk about business financing during holidays, just contact me any convenient way, as¬ I’ll be available until¬†January 3rd.¬†Happy Holidays!

It Is My Birthday Today and I Have a Gift For You…

Hi everybody,

Today is my birthday:). Hooray! And as it happens just once a year, I decided to give you a special gift this day!

If you read the newsletter last week, you remember that I asked you to fill a short form out with the questions regarding your 2015 goals and projects. Get Started

[Survey Invitation] Next Year’s Projects: Plan Ahead & Get Government Financing

time to plan

Now it’s the time of the year when you analyze this year’s results and¬†start planning your next year’s projects.¬

Was 2014 successful for your business? What can you do to make your business more prosperous in 2015? What would you like to improve? What projects should you perform next year?¬ Get Started

[Regional Grants 3] Northern Ontario

If your business is located in Northern Ontario or you know somebody from that region (client, partner or supplier), I recommend you to pay special attention to the following government programs, available exclusively for Northern Ontario.¬ Get Started